The history of Jamafa Machinery BV started about 70 years ago as the Janssen family in Roermond starts with Janssen Machinefabriek ( Jamafa ). The company acquires a good name, but went bankrupt in 2009 due to lack of orders. Karel van Hattum took over the company. Following the acquisition van Hattum starts, in collaboration with growers, to modernize the machiners. Except the mobile system, the most machines were outdated.

Because expansion of the Designer Outlet Centre was planned at the place where Jamafa Machinery BV was located in Roermond, the company has moved to Kelpen-Oler in May 2011. The new location is ideal. Jamafa Machinery BV is located near the A2 and A73. The property in Kelpen-Oler was built in 2004 and has a good appearance. This property also features a high-bay warehouse and therefore the components are now centralized in a convenient place. The current Jamafa Machinery BV not only produces machines for floriculture. The company also participates in various construction projects for waste water treatment plant and supplies transport systems for biogas plants.


Jamafa Machinery is truly an international player, our client are located as shown in the colors blue and gray on the map below: