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Below you read the story of Jamafa Machinery B.V.,
from how we started 90 years ago to where we are today.


The history of Jamafa Machinery BV starts about 90 years ago when the Janssen family in Roermond started as Janssen Machine Factory (Jamafa). A generation later, Janssen Machine Factory grows into Jamafa Agricultural Machinery B.V.. The machine factory acquires a good reputation, but goes bankrupt in 2009 due to lack of orders. Karel van Hattum buys the company from the curator and starts Jamafa Machinery B.V..

The takeover & relocation

After the takeover, Karel starts modernizing the machines in collaboration with the growers. In the years before the takeover little development was done: Except for the mobile system, most machines were dated.

In May 2011 Jamafa moves to a new location in Kelpen-Oler. The new location is close to the A2 and A73 and has a modern building with an extensive workshop with warehouse of over 1900 m².

Het pand van Jamafa Machinery B.V. in Kelpen-Oler


In recent years, we have continued to modernize and innovate. As a result we can proudly say that 11 years after starting, Jamafa has a wide range of modern machines for floriculture again. All existing machines have been fully upgraded and we have made several new developments. In particular, the renewed rose sorting/bunching machine is at a very high level. The newly introduced universal sorting and bunching line, with which you can automatically make mono and mix bouquets, will also set the bar high. In the meantime, our customer network has expanded to nearly 30 different countries.

Our method

At Jamafa we don’t see problems, only challenges. In addition, we like to think in solutions. We are happy to look at your situation with you.

Therefore, we will discuss your wishes and all possibilities and we do not limit ourselves to our existing range of solutions. If necessary, we make adjustments and new designs in order to find a solution that is tailored to your situation.

We work with an enthusiastic team in which professional knowledge, inquisitiveness and ambition are paramount. Do you want to be part of our team? Then take a look at our vacancies.

FlowerLine bij Voorn Roses

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