The history of Jamafa Machinery BV started about 90 years ago as the Janssen family in Roermond starts with “Forge Janssen” that grows into Jamafa Agricultural Machinery BV a generation later. The company acquires a good name, but went bankrupt in 2009 due to lack of orders. Karel van Hattum buys the company from the curator. Following the acquisition, van Hattum starts, in collaboration with growers, to modernize the machiners, whereby the extensive knowledge of Vision cameras offered many advantages. Except the mobile system, most of the machines were outdated.

Because of a planned expansion of the Designer Outlet Centre at the place where Jamafa Machinery BV was located in Roermond, the company moved to Kelpen-Oler in May 2011. In addition to an ideal location (close to the A2 and A73) and good appearance of the building, this building has a high-rise warehouse, and therefore the components are now centralized in a convenient place.

10 years after starting up, Jamafa has a wide range of modern machines for floriculture, in particular the renewed very high level rose sorting/bunching machine.

The newly to be introduced universal sorting and bunching line, which can also automatically create mono and mix bouquets, will also aim high.


Jamafa Machinery is truly an international player, the countries where our clients are located, are shown in the colors blue and grey on the map below: