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Jamafa Machinery BV celebrates 10 year anniversary!

10 years Jamafa Machinery BV | May 18th, 2019! ▪️The history of Jamafa Machinery BV started about 90 years ago as the Janssen family in Roermond starts as “blacksmith Janssen”. A company that, a generation later, grows into Jamafa Agricultural Machinery BV. The...

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Jamafa Machinery BV on national Dutch TV SBS6 12th May 3.30PM

Jamafa Machinery BV on national dutch TV!!! On Sunday May 12th at 3.30 PM Jamafa Machinery BV will be shown in the episode of the television program “Holland van Boven” on national dutch TV, SBS6. Holland van Boven flies over the Netherlands and strikes down in a...

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