Blom Kentia Palmen is one of the most modern palm plantations in Europe. The company is led by brothers Paul and Christian Blom.

The Quality Camera that Jamafa has developed for Blom can sort their growing palms according to different qualities. The palms are measured by four cameras and are sorted based on the set recipe. After sorting, the palms are returned to the greenhouse to continue growing.

About the palm

The Blom brothers have opted for the cultivation of Kentia palms, a beautiful, exclusive and strong palm. The palm originates from Lord Howe, an island off the coast of Australia. This is also the only place where the palm has ever been found. Blom therefore imports the seeds from Australia to grow them here.

The palm is recognizable by its dark green, broad, pinnate leaves. The palm is extremely suitable as a houseplant, it prefers a light spot, without direct sunlight. Bonus: The palm purifies the air by removing harmful substances from the air! The palm also increases the humidity.