Chilfresh, a collection of companies in Chile that grow peonies, has recently been extended with Jamafa’s FlowerLine and Universal grading machine.

The Universal grading machine sorts flowers with the help of a camera according to stem length, stem thickness, flower volume, color, and length of berry stock/length of the ares.
The machine has a maximum processing speed of 9.000 products per hour.

After the machine has been set to the sorting criteria, you have to place the stems in the bin at the beginning of the conveyor.
The camera then scans the branch and assigns it to a specific sorting.
Only 1 person is needed to operate this machine.

After sorting, the flowers are bunched on Jamafa’s FlowerLine.

This FlowerLine, Jamafa’s machine that is suitable for both growers and bouquet processors, distinguishes itself from other machines by using a combination blade (a circular blade and a counter blade) to cut the flowers, while other machines use a circular saw. This combination blade results in noiseless cutting of the branches and also avoids shifting the bunch.

After the bunch has been cut, it is immediately bound 2 times by a Cyklop binder and manually sleeved.