Haas Calla & Helleborus specialises in growing these unusual and appealing cut flowers. They collaborate closely within the supply chain: with fellow growers, breeders and wholesalers on the one hand, and with (leading) floral designers on the other hand.

They are constantly driven to seek out attractive crops which are of interest to the market. That means that they do pioneering work all year round on different flowers such as Dahlias, Antirrhinums and Matthiola. The knowledge that we have built up is used to raise the quality to a higher level in terms of appearance and vase life. Moreover, they are pioneers in terms of digitization and believe it is important to cultivate as sustainably as possible.

Haas Growing bv has therefore decided to expand their family business with a Universal grading machine and FlowerLine from Jamafa. These machines are a good addition to the sustainability and digitization that Haas strives for.

First, the Universal grading machine is set to the company’s sorting criteria. These criteria can include stem length, stem thickness, flower volume, color, and length of berry stock/length of the ares. The flowers are then scanned with the help of a camera and assigned to a specific sorting bin. The machine is loaded from one or two loading tables and has a maximum processing speed of 9,000 products per hour. Only 1 person is needed to operate this machine.

After the flowers have been sorted, they are carried by a transport system to the person who manually places the bunches in the FlowerLine.

The FlowerLine is custom designed and has a 90 degree corner arrangement, which transports the bunches directly to the bucket filler. This very compact setup is perfect for the limited square footage available.

With the combination blade, consisting of a circular blade and a double support roller, the stems are cut very sharply, so that the flowers absorb water better

After the bunch has been cut, it is immediately bound 2 times by a Cyklop binder, manually sleeved on the collection belt and placed in buckets, ready to go to the auction.