Jamafa Machinery kicks off 2020 with the delivery of a new flower processing line, our Bouquet line, to Rosen Waibel Münchendorf GmbH.

With a production of 16 million tulips per year, Rosen Waibel is the largest tulip producer in Austria. Together with their sister company Mäder-Vorarlberg, they have a range of more than 100 different cut flowers.

At the end of October 2019 they came to Jamafa with a challenge: Designing a machine for making cross-stem bouquets. Jamafa did not have a ready-made solution for this, so Jamafa took up the challenge to develop it.


The result is the new Jamafa Bouquet line and the new bouquet Design software that Jamafa has developed especially for this application.

Photos of flowers can be stored in a database in the Design software. From this database you can design your own bouquets which in turn can be saved in a recipe.

From this recipe the input information is sent to the monitors.

Each monitor on the new Bouquet line shows exactly how the different flowers should be inserted. All flowers are inlaid manually according to the instructions on the screen, making a perfect cross-stem bouquet. Up to 4 different types of bouquets can be made at the same time, with a maximum of 24 flowers per bouquet.

The flowers are tied by an elastic binder and cut with a rolling knife after which they are tied again by an elastic binder. The bouquets are then transported to the collection belt, after which they can be packed.


See the video below to get an impression of the machine!