At the end of October 2019, Jamafa has delivered a new Universal Sorting Machine to J. Verbeeck nursery in Laarne (Belgium).

The machine is a 12-station sorting machine with transport system. It will be used for the sorting of Amaryllis flowers, Snowdrops (lilies from Daalen?) And Peonies.

In addition to the sorting machine, Jamafa has also developed a crate destacker with crate supply system for J. Verbeeck nursery. The destacker delivers the crates to the machine’s input positions, after which the flowers can be loaded into the machine. The machine then measures and sorts the flowers by, among other things, length, number of buds and volume, depending on the selected sorting settings.

The installation is also equipped with a waste disposal system.

Below a number of photos of the new machines (click on the image to enlarge).