It concerns a 6-station rose sorting and bunching machine in combination with a packing machine.

Up to three hangers can work at this machine. The length of the roses is measured by the machine and the roses are assigned to one of the six stations. Here bunches are formed, cut and tied.

The bunches are then manually transported to the packager, where the bunches are wrapped in foil.

Rozen sorteerautomaat bij Rosen Rongits   Rosen Rongits   Jamafa Rosen sorteerautomaat bij Rosen Rongits

Want to know more about this machine?

This machine is the predecessor of our modern 2020 Rose Bunching machine. Our 2020 edition is equipped with the latest camera techniques, with which you can sort fully automatically on at least eight criteria. Click on the link for more information about our 2020 Rose Bunch Machine.