Due to the corona virus, monitoring the safety of employees is more important than ever. This is especially important in work environments where it is difficult to keep 1.5 meters distance. This is also the case for the operators of the sorting machines. A simple solution for this situation is to install a cough screen, or corona prevention screen.

The corona prevention screens that Jamafa developed for Van der Ende Flowers are made of sturdy aluminium profiles and Plexiglas. The screens are easy to integrate into the existing machine, and they protect against the spread of the corona virus when one coughs or sneezes.

The coronavirus mainly spreads via cough and sneeze droplets. A corona prevention screen forms an airtight barrier that stops these cough and sneeze drops. This prevents people from directly infecting each other by coughing or sneezing. Please note that the screens do not guarantee a completely corona-free working environment, so always follow the measures and guidelines of the RIVM.

The corona prevention screens can be custom made to size and can also be made with a stand, so that they can be placed separately from the machine if desired.

Are you also interested in a corona prevention screen for your machine? Please contact our sales manager Bas Goede via sales@jamafa.com.