Jamafa installs their new FlowerLine at Oliflor.

Oliflor is a little family company in Vallecrosia, Italy. This flower producer aims to satisfy their customers with quality, respect for the environment, and a good balance between tradition and innovation.

Jamafa’s FlowerLine is a great supplement for Oliflor.

With this modern machine the flowers will be produced to high quality.

With the combination blade, consisting of a circular blade and a double support roller, the stems are cut very sharply, so that the flowers absorb water better. 

The use of a driven support roller ensures that the bunches are cut nicely straight. In this way, the quality of the products, which Oliflor strives for, is guaranteed. After the bunch has been cut, it is immediately bound 2 times by a Cyklop binder and manually sleeved on the collection belt.

The machine can be monitored and read out via the internet. The control itself can be transferred to a smartphone in order to read out the production data.

The entire installation perfectly meets the wishes and expectations of the customer.

bouquet line