10 years Jamafa Machinery BV | May 18th, 2019!

▪️The history of Jamafa Machinery BV started about 90 years ago as the Janssen family in Roermond starts as “blacksmith Janssen”. A company that, a generation later, grows into Jamafa Agricultural Machinery BV. The company acquires a good name, but went bankrupt in 2009 due to lack of orders. Karel van Hattum took over the company from the curator.

▪️Following the acquisition, Karel starts in collaboration with growers to modernize the machines whereby the extensive knowledge of Vision cameras offered many advantages.

▪️Because of a planned expansion of the Designer Outlet Centre at the place where Jamafa Machinery BV was located in Roermond, the company moved to Kelpen-Oler in May 2011. In addition to an ideal location and good appearance of the building, this building has a high-rise warehouse.

▪️10 years after starting up, Jamafa has a wide range of modern machines for floriculture, in particular the renewed very high level rose sorting/bunching machine.

▪️The newly to be introduced universal sorting and bunching line, which can also automatically create mono and mix bouquets, will also aim high.

10 years Jamafa Machinery BV, a memorable moment to thank you, our customers, relations and employees for your collaboration and confidence over the last 10 years!

Team Jamafa Machinery BV