In 2018 Jamafa Machinery bv, in consultation with nursery, Van der Ende Flowers from Maasdijk and Kwekerij Marinissen from Veere, developed a machine for the processing of Amaryllis flowers.

The vulnerability of this flower makes it difficult to process it in a machine. There are also a large number of sorting criteria that the machine must be able to take into account. Jamafa, however, has managed to solve these problems and not only that, with the machine we also made a positive contribution to reducing the logistic movements in the sorting barn.

At Van Der Ende the machine is equipped with an automatic feeding system for the full boxes with Flowers, these are automatically transported to the persons who load the flowers into the machine. The machine has conveyors to both sides so that the flowers can be packed on 2 sides of the machine. A dwaste discharge belt has been placed under the machine, which dumps the cutting waste into a tipping container.

At Marinissen the machine is equipped with conveyors to 1 side, where the open space in the machine is used as storage for boxes. The last station collects the flowers with 2 buds in a crate, for further processing on a Jamafa bunching line.

See below a video of this machine at Kwekerij Van Der Ende flowers.

See below a video of this machine at Kwekerij Marinissen.