The FlowerLine at Rozen Waibel in Vienna, Austria has recently been extended with a brand new length indication belt.

The belt on this machine already had length indication lines, but has now been upgraded with a fully automatic length indication belt. Thanks to this belt, flowers can be laid up faster and more accurately.

Length indication belts have been available on the market for some time now. However, these must be positioned manually to achieve the correct length. This is not only very inefficient, but also labour intensive.

That is why Jamafa has developed a fully automatic belt, which is brought to the correct position with the help of a motor. Jamafa’s indication belt is electronically adjustable. The customer just needs to enter the desired length, and the belt will automatically shift to the set length.

In addition to automatic length determination, the belt has a second function that is also unique on the market. The FlowerLine is equipped with a circular knife, which can be placed closer or further away from the belt with a hand wheel. The length indication band is set so that it will adjust its position to the position of the circular knife. So when the knife is placed closer to the belt, the belt will automatically move to maintain the set length.