Jamafa Machinery B.V. has launched their new flower processing line, the FlowerLine, in 2019. The first model was delivered to Voorn Spray Roses in Luttelgeest in November 2019.

The FlowerLine at Voorn Roses is used to process spray roses. Bunches are placed on the conveyor belt by a maximum of six employees. Coloured lines on the belt indicate the positions of the bunches, so that the roses are always the right length after cutting. The cutting is done with a rotating blade, supported by a counter-pressure roller. After the roses are cut to size, they are tied with elastic by two elastic binders. A sponge pressure band supports the flowers during this process, so that they remain in their position.

The conveyor belt is extended with a 180° curved conveyor, which makes it possible to place a collection belt parallel to the conveyor belt. This allows the machine to decrease in length by half it’s size and workers at both ends of the machine are able to communicate with each other.

From the collection conveyor, the flowers are sleeved manually. Smart light eyes have been placed on the collection conveyor in various places, which ensure that the belts stop when they are full and that rose bunches cannot fall off the belt.

Take a look at our video below for an impression of the FlowerLine at Voorn Roses.

About the grower

Voorn Spray Roses grows a variety of exclusive spray roses, which are selected for their color, fragrance, bud volume, bud distribution and inflorescence. Their roses are available all year round. For more information about Voorn’s selection, check out their website.