The previous rose bunching machine has only just been installed in Austria and the Jamafa team is already working hard to install the next one in Belgium. This time it is not a 6-station machine, but a brand new 2020 18-station rose sorting and bunching machine. This machine has been completely renewed compared to its predecessor. It has all the new options and is equipped with the best vision measurement system currently available on the market. This machine sets the tone for the future in grading roses. Manual post-correction is hardly necessary anymore. The control is set up in such a way that the customer can set almost all parameters according to his wishes and at least 8 properties can be measured. In addition, this machine is very well suited for measuring deviating roses. This machine will soon process the roses from the Rozen Scheers flower nursery in Kontich, Belgium. In addition to the machine with 18 sorting stations, the setup is extended with conveyor belts that transport the roses to three packaging machines. Curious about what it will look like? Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for the end result. Until then, take a look at the photos of the machine under construction below.