We proudly present our new rose sorting and bunching machine. The machine is installed by Rozen Scheers in Belgium. This 2020 bunching machine is our biggest project of recent years.

Was Jamafa in 2010 was the first with a machine that could separate at the growth stage, the 2020 version of the rose sorting and bunching machine, raises the bar again in an agile way. It can automate the process almost completely, which is unique on the market. With this machine hardly any manual correction is needed anymore. This machine has an open control set up so that the user can set all parameters as desired. It can sort the products by length, stem diameter, maturity, bud height, bud width, curvature, bud deviation and colour deviation.

The machine is equipped with the Vision camera measuring system developed by Jamafa. Thanks to this completely modified vision system, the machine is well able to measure deviating roses.


Read more about this machine on our productpage.