Clean water is of great importance for the shelf life of cut flowers. Defoliating the stems is therefore an important part of making bouquets.

The Jamafa defoliator machine has brushes on both sides, so you can choose two different types of brushes on the machine. The brushes have six rows with pins and a large diameter of 110 mm, which means that large bunches can also be defoliated well and without damage.

The frame is made of stainless steel. The machine is equipped with an extra powerful 0.75 kW electric motor. In combination with the unique full-rubber defoliating brushes you always achieve the optimal result.

The defoliating brushes are available in three colours/hardnesses:

• Yellow, soft
• Red, medium hard
• Blue, hard

The brushes have a square center hole, so they are always mounted correctly. The defoliating machine is optionally available with a separate base.

The complete defoliating machine as well as the defoliating brushes and loose parts are available from stock.

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