Binding solutions for vegetables

Binding solutions for vegetables

Jamafa offers various solutions for binding vegetables.

To prepare your vegetables for sale, for a variety of vegetables, it may be desirable to bundle them first. Think of spring onions, leeks, celery, asparagus and carrots. Also for various herbs, such as coriander and parsley, the Jamafa binding machines can be a solution.

Jamafa binding solutions are extremely suitable for binding your vegetables. We can deliver most of our solutions as a stand-alone unit, but they can often also be integrated into your existing machine, to fully automate the binding process. With the right settings, almost any product can be bound together.

Find more specific information about the Jamafa elastic binding machine and the corresponding elastic here.

In addition to the standard binding options, it is also possible to add e.g. a label to the bundle. This way, in addition to binding your product, you can also add your brand or product information.

For more information about our binding solutions or one of our other products, please contact our sales manager Bas Goede via

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