End-of-Line system

End-of-Line system

The Jamafa End-of-Line system puts the finishing touches on the handling of your bouquets.

Boxes of bouquets are manually placed on the supply conveyor, and from here the process is automatic. At the end of the belt, a camera reads the barcode stickers on the boxes. The position, direction, shape and colour of the stickers does not matter to the camera, every barcode is read.

After scanning, the boxes go into the cooling. Here is the operator screen where you can divide the different codes over several collection belts. For example, all boxes for a specific customer can be placed on one collection belt. This is done by specially developed pullers, which transfer the boxes from the supply conveyor to the collection conveyor. Once arrived on the collection belt, the boxes only need to be removed from the belt to place them on, for example, pallets.

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