Labour registration and greenhouse registration system

Labour registration and greenhouse registration system

The labour registration and greenhouse registration is only possible in combination with a Jamafa sorting machine.


The labour registration will issue the following data:

  • Number of cut flowers per employee in the greenhouse.
  • Number of flowers placed in machine per employee.
  • Number of flowers per species and sorting.
  • Number of flowers by type and sorting per row from the greenhouse.
  • Display on screen how many flowers are processed per hour per employee in the greenhouse and per employee on the machine.

All registrations will include the date and time of the relevant action.

The cash register will issue the following data:

  • Number of flowers per row in the greenhouse.
  • Quality (length, weight, number of buds) of flowers per row.
  • Number of flowers per species/variety per row.
Description of operation
  • If an employee is going to cut flowers, the employee must first scan himself with his personal RFID tag, then he will scan the row in the greenhouse in which he will be working.
  • After cutting, the employee scans the full cart or container with cut products.
  • The inserter/hanger at the sorting machine reports at the start of the work.
  • The picking container with flowers is scanned at the time of insertion/hanging.

The control of the machine will keep track of the numbers per insert and also the sorted flowers with all measurement data. The machine is therefore in fact “the brain” of the entire labour registration and greenhouse registration. All data is stored on a separate PC that also contains the software package for displaying the necessary information of the processing.

Completion of this information will be done in mutual consultation.

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