Length grading machine for volume products

Length grading machine for volume products

This machine can sort everything that can be placed in trays by length.

The flowers are measured by length by the sensors and fall into the correct compartment. The longest flowers fall in the first station, the shortest in the last. The flowers are then manually removed from the compartments to be further processed into bunches on, for example, a FlowerLine.

The Length grading machine is equipped with a modern PLC control and light sensors. The light sensors are mounted in a row above the trays. The trays are made of shock-resistant ABS plastic (this is much stronger than PVC).


  • Processing capacity of up to 5,000 flowers per hour.
  • Available with one or two outrigger tables.
  • Available from nine to twelve stations.
  • Extra wide 230 mm trays.
  • Stations size 500 x 1000 mm (W x H).


  • To further optimize the processing of the flowers, a sawing unit can be purchased.
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#All flowers, Gysophilia, Hypericum, Ilex, Lilac, Spray rose, Symphoricarpos (Snowberry), Viburnum (Snowball)
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