Packaging machine

Packaging machine

The Jamafa Packaging machine packs flowers in a transparent thin foil. This foil can be printed as desired, for example with a company logo. Aeration perforation is also possible. With the various foils, your flowers will look very representative. The Jamafa Packaging machine can also be used for packaging roses that are transported by air freight

Jamafa launched a new packaging machine in 2011. A lot of time and energy has been invested in optimizing the result with this machine and working cost-effectively. Points of attention of the “old” packaging machines have been incorporated in the design of the new machine. The processing speed has increased considerably. There can be considerable savings on printing costs by using different foils mixed together and because the tightness of the packaging can be adjusted per bunch, no foil will be wasted even in smaller bunches.


  • Processing speed up to 600 bunches per hour.
  • Use of blank or printed foil, or foil with only a logo on it. The foil can be used interchangeably.
  • The tightness of the packaging can be adjusted per bunch.

Our Packaging machines can be combined well with our Rose bunching machines. Jamafa can simply connect the packaging machine to your existing bunching machine.

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