Projects and custom solutions

Projects and custom solutions

In addition to our standard machines, Jamafa is strong in branch and customer-specific solutions. Due to the flexible structure of our organisation, we can switch quickly and our development processes (time to market) is very short.

Our solutions are based on our modular construction method, which means that a lot of time can be saved in the design phase, but also in construction and finishing. We make maximum use of standard components that are easy to supply and replace worldwide.

In addition to the modular method of design and construction, Jamafa also thinks in its total solutions in modules (machines) that can come from other suppliers and can be fully integrated.

Our target groups are basically the horticultural companies, both growers and bouquet processors and processors of imported products. However, Jamafa Machinery B.V. can also build projects for other industries outside our target groups.

Some examples of our recent projects are:

  • A flaring installation for making bar fencing without welding connections.
  • A stacking and wrapping machine for frozen blocks of pork meat.
  • A sanding installation for a clay string press from a brick factory.

Our own company is the core, but around it we work together with suppliers in areas such as labour registration, greenhouse registration or software development for certain applications. In this way we are also able to offer larger turnkey projects.

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