Rose sorting and bunching machine

Rose sorting and bunching machine

Our 2020 Rose bunching machine can fully automatically sort by growth stage, which is unique on the market. Virtually no manual correction is required with this machine. This machine has an open control which is set up in such a way that the user can set almost all parameters as desired. You can sort by length, stem thickness, maturity, bud height, bud width, curvature, bud deviation and colour deviation.

The machine is equipped with the Vision camera measuring system developed by Jamafa. Thanks to this vision system, the machine is well equipped to measure abnormal roses.

Jamafa was the first in 2010 with automatic growth stage measurement and this system has been developed and improved over the past 10 years.

The machine is equipped with a suspension line with rose carriers, which can handle a stem thickness of up to 15 mm. Daylight lighting hangs above the hanging section, where up to 5 people can work simultaneously.

The machine is modular and the number of stations can be chosen from 6 to as many stations as desired for the situation (this can also amount to 36 or more stations). Due to the modular construction of the machine, additional stations can be added to the machine in the future. No space has to be reserved for this in the main beam, it simply grows with the machine extension.

To save length, you can choose a U-arrangement with an extra number of stations on the suspension side of the machine. Each station consists of a molding system with stainless steel forks on which the flowers are collected.

Bunch size and shape can be set per station.


  • A maximum of 64 different types of roses can be programmed.
  • Bunches can be made from three to twenty flowers.
  • Maximum mechanical capacity: 10,000 rose carriers per hour.
  • Maximum realistic processing: +/- 8,000 roses per hour.


  • The machine can be equipped with automatic transport systems, which can transport the bunches per sets to the packaging machines. The bunches do not touch each other during transport, so damage is nil.
  • The bunches can be packed automatically, with each bunch getting a custom sleeve, so large bunches get a larger sleeve than small bunches. This is fully automatic without having to change sleeves in between. Additionally, it is also possible to produce blank and printed sleeves at the same time.
  • For the binding of the bunches you can choose a binder with Jamafa binding thread, or you can also choose to bind with 1-core or 3-core elastic.

Due to the enormous amount of setups and options, the Rose bunching machine is always a piece of customisation that is made customer-specific in close consultation with the customer.

We would be happy to explain the options for you during a visit at your location.

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