Universal grading machine with large trays

Universal grading machine with large trays

With this machine it is possible to sort on four different criteria. Think about:

  • The length of the flower;
  • Thickness of the stem;
  • Size of the flower;
  • Volume (weight) of the flower;
  • Number of buttons;
  • Colour.

The machine can measure everything that can be seen from above.

The machine is equipped with a very user-friendly control system which provides a lot of information about quantities, sorting ratio and loading performance. Many different sorting settings (we call these recipes) can be stored in the control and thus a separate recipe can be created for each different type or customer. In the recipe you can enter the sorting yourself and save it under your own name.

The speed of the conveyor chain is adjustable through a frequency regulator. This can be set via the control screen and can be adjusted during production. The machine has a maximum processing speed of 5,000 products per hour.

The machine is loaded from one or two loading tables. Our Vision system measures the sorting to which each product belongs. The product is deposited in the set sorting compartment after the measurement.

This machine is also suitable for sorting rootstocks.


  • Equipped with one or two loading tables.
  • Available from nine to twelve stations.
  • Processing capacity of 5,000 flowers per hour.
  • Extra wide sorting trays of 230 mm wide.
  • Station size 500 x 1000 mm (W x H).
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#All flowers, Alstroemeria, Delphinium (Larkspur), Gysophilia, Hypericum, Ilex, Rootstocks, Lilac, Spray rose, Symphoricarpos (Snowberry), Veronica, Viburnum (Snowball)
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